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Teach your children to love reading 1

It’s never too early to instil a love for reading in your children   In a world driven by technology, gadgets, and flat screen TVs, it can be tough for parents to convince their kids that reading is an educational, inspirational, and relaxing activity. We cannot deny that reading is […]

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The William S Club 1400px

Book Review: The William S Club

Review by Tiffany Faming   Title: The William S Club Author: Riley Banks Genre: Thriller   Contemporary suspense thriller The William S Club by Riley Banks is set among the exotic locations spread over three continents.The story takes readers to London, France, Dubai and Australia. Even though there are some explicit […]

Infographic: Why SMS marketing is increasing sales 1

Why SMS marketing is increasing sales   Let’s face it: when we think of marketing, SMS is not exactly the first vehicle that springs to mind. However, with more of us ditching our computers and laptops for smart phones, SMS will increasingly become an important tool for marketing – whether […]

SMS marketing is the future

Notre Dame

A Tale of Two Cities – Paris vs Rome

Ever wondered how the City of Love (Paris) stacks up against The Eternal City (Rome)? Well here’s a cool infographic from http://www.parisapartmentsbynumbers.com/ that gives a whole new twist to a Tale of Two Cities. See how the Notre Dame stacks up against St Peter’s Basilica. Or the Colosseum against the much […]