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Is Vietnam your cup of Bia Hoi?

A backpacker’s guide to visiting Vietnam     #111456373 / gettyimages.com Often described as more hospitable than China, more affordable than Japan, and much less crowded and commercialized than Thailand, Vietnam welcomes thousands of backpackers from around the globe every year.   Vietnam is a beautiful country with long stretches of […]

Image By Rungbachduong on WikiCommons

photo of scary girl

The Minefield of Amsterdam 6

Mark Bloom writes another great anti-travel tale for Gypsy Girl, this one about the differences between Daytime Amsterdam and Nighttime Amsterdam. Watch your step in the Red Light District, as that’s not gum on the sidewalk

The Not So Amazing Spider-Man 2 3

Michele Kunz is left disappointed by the CGI effects in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. As anyone who follows me knows, I am a huge fan of anything Sci-fi/ Action or Fantasy related. Whether movie, television or literary work, this is my favorite type of entertainment! So why do I say […]