7 places worth seeing in Bahrain

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In a small island country like Bahrain, where can tourists go for a visit? Here are the top seven places worth seeing in Bahrain.
IMG_6467Al-Fateh Mosque (Great Mosque)

This religious site is really worth to visit. It has a beautiful, unique architecture and was constructed with maple and wood in a traditional Islamic style. Al-Fateh Mosque is one of the largest mosques in the world and it is the largest worship place in Bahrain. Visitors can attend prayers on Fridays and other holidays.


Bahrain National Museum

This National Museum is the largest museum in Bahrain. If you want to discover Bahraini history, this is a must-see place. With wide spacious display areas, the museum is divided into many sections. Many items from the Dilmun civilization to the modern day life displayed here bring an image of the island’s long history. There are also temporary exhibitions.


Bahrain International Circuit

If you’re in Bahrain near the Formula One weekend, head to the racetrack for the Bahrain Grand Prix. The price is a bit high, but well worth the investment. If you can’t afford the ticket, or don’t like crowds, there are other things to see at the track – or just soak up the atmosphere of imagining yourself driving around at high speed.


Qal’at al Bahrain (Bahrain Fort)

Bahrain Fort is an archaeological site on the north coast. It was built in the period the Portuguese occupied Bahrain in 16th century. The nearby museum has exhibits, maps and audio that can guide you through the fort. The archaeological remains surrounding the fort are worthy to visit too.


Beit AI Qur’an Complex

Beit Al Qur’an originally constructed as multi-purpose complex. It is used as a hall, a mosque, but it is most famous as an Islamic museum. There is an incredible collection of unique Korans on exhibition, including rare Korans that date back to the 6th century.



Al Dar Island

Although Bahrain is not well known for its beaches, Al Dar Island is a great place to relax and recharge. It is a peaceful, clean beach with few crowds. The island is 10 minutes from the mainland by sea taxi, which run every 30 minutes from 9am to sunset.



Mohammed Bin Faris House of Sout Music

Sout music (a kind of popular music in Bahrain) is played for free on Thursday evenings, but you can visit here at any time. The music is performed by a large number of musicians, singers and dancers and can really get the audience moving.


Bahrain Visa can be obtained at the airport or border stations for citizens from certain countries or applied for in advance through e-visa.



Images courtesy of Rod Byfield, Rebecca Byfield, Getty Images, and Bahrain International Circuit.

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