A Middle-Grade Story That Even Adults Would Enjoy

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Book Review: Coriander Jones Saves The World by Kim English



Review by Sandra Selvas Villatoro

“Coriander Jones Saves The World” was a fantastic read.

Targeted to middle-grade and young-adult readers, but it could be easily enjoyed by adults as well. It is a story that never belittles anyone’s intelligence and shows you the power of unity and kindness.

What can I tell you about this book without spoiling everything that occurs in the story? Well, let me start with the characters.

The depiction of the characters was very real. Teenagers and children who actually sound, act and think like real teenagers. There was such an eclectic cast of characters and each one of them was important to the story. Each one experienced character-development throughout the book and it was incredible to read about.

Also, our main character was truly fantastic.

We have Coriander; a thirteen year-old who reminded me a bit of myself when I was that age. She was different from the rest, but she didn’t have any kind of trouble with speaking her mind and standing up to bullies. She was so protective of her sister and the people she cared about and didn’t give a damn about what everyone else thought. Got to love such strength in a young girl. She was a character you could relate to and I missed her terribly once the book was over.

Plot-wise, I thought that perhaps there was a lot going on, but that didn’t make the story any less exciting and fun. I loved the paranormal elements and how they blended with secret organizations and many, MANY secrets, while still showing normal lives, thoughts and feelings of a group of clueless teenagers.

English knew how to keep the reader entertained and interested. There were subtle hints and some information here and there to make the reader try to work it out but not enough to give us the power to completely unveil the story. It was so much fun to discover things along Cory and her friends.

That said, this is not a fast-paced novel. There’s a lot of informative dialogue that slows the course of the story, but in my opinion, it never becomes a big issue because it familiarizes you with the mythology and details that you need to understand what’s going on.

This book reminded me a bit of Percy Jackson in some ways, and that is definitely a great thing. We have a quirky, smart, poor kid; a group of amazing friends, Gods, loads of danger, plenty of mystery, action and some shocking discoveries. I can honestly say, I enjoyed this book and can’t wait to read more from Kim English.

She wrote a beautiful, funny, and original story with an incredible set of characters that you cannot help but love and root for. Despite being a story with paranormal and fantastical elements, it shows the nature of the human mind and how important courage, self-awareness and love are to save the world.

Like I have already mentioned, “Coriander Jones Saves The World” is a fantastic book.


4 star


Title: Coriander Jones Saves The World

Author: Kim English

Genre: MG/YA, Fantasy

Series or Standalone: First in a planned series

Blurb: Thirteen-year-old Coriander Jones expects another summer as usual at Happy Haven, a run-down summer camp for “underprivileged youth.” But when the bus ride doesn’t go as planned, she discovers that she is part of a centuries-old organization that battles ancient deities known as the “Old Ones.” Happen Haven serves as ground zero when the oldest of the Old Ones comes calling, determined to breach the barrier that keeps them at bay.

Along with her little sister and best friend, Coriander also joins forces with her former enemy, mean girl Olivia, and the mysterious teenager Cole, whose secret agenda puts the team in more peril. Juggling nosy counselors, homicidal maintenance men, and the first annual Happy Haven Color War, Coriander may save the world, if she can survive summer camp.”


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