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gw_australia_day_flag_mapAustralia, the world’s biggest island, is home to thousands of other islands as well. These islands offer visitors wonderful choices to explore and enjoy their holiday. They are scattered all over the Australian coast and are as varied as they are beautiful. Scott Archer guest blogs at Gypsy Girl to uncover the hidden treasures in Australia’s very best islands.


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Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe is located off the coast of New south Wales and offers visitors many experiences including:

  • Gorgeous sandy beaches
  • Hundreds of fish species and rare turtles
  • Explore the natural habitat on foot or bicycle
  • Clear waters provide opportunities for swimming
  • Listed among the world’s best islands


Kangaroo Island

Located off the South Australia coast, Kangaroo Island is among the largest and most unique. Its features include:

  • A large variety of wildlife species
  • All the best of the mainland in a concentrated package
  • Sandy beaches
  • Natural bush land offers visitors adventures and relaxation


Rottnest Island

Located off the West Australian coast, Rottnest Island is well known for its indigenous quokka – a small, Australian marsupial. Other features include:

  • Natural beauty, unique flora, and varied animal life
  • Kangaroos are quite an attraction in this region
  • Excellent beaches for exploring and swimming
  • Explore museum and other colonial buildings in the island and the history of the island
  • Experience and explore the island on foot or by bike as cars are prohibited


Cockatoo Island

Located in Sydney Harbour, Cockatoo Island is a great place to visit. Enjoy the island’s:

  • Rich colonial history
  • Heritage sites including a convict prison
  • Huge workshops, old houses and slipways remind visitors of the island’s past industrial era
  • Unique and varied flora and fauna


Bruny Island

A remote island in Tasmania – Bruny Island is Australia’s island within an island, within an island. It can be accessed by ferry or car from Hobart.

  • Explore the natural habitat of this island and experience its beauty
  • Adventure into the wilderness and beautiful coastline
  • Get up close to seals, penguins and other rare species of animals


King Island

An island north of Tasmania, King Island offers:

  • Wild, rugged beauty and rocky coasts that are home to dozens of shipwrecks
  • A culinary paradise and well-respected dairy industry
  • Plenty of off shore reefs and other attractions


Tiwi Islands

Found in the north of Darwin, the Tiwi Islands are an excellent destination for day trips. Home to:

  • Beautiful beaches to explore and clear waters
  • Natural rain forest where there is plenty of tree species to observe
  • Rich, indigenous culture including cave paintings


Phillip Island

Two hours south east of Melbourne, Phillip Island is well know around the world for its Motorcycle Grand Prix. But Phillip Island has lots more to offer than just high-octane action.

  • It’s home to Victoria’s largest fairy penguin colony
  • Has excellent surf beaches
  • Great fishing


Wilson Island

Located 72 kilometres off Gladstone in Queensland, Wilson Island is:

  • Home to rare turtles and bird species
  • Beautiful beaches
  • The Capricornia Cays National Park, which is actually a coral reef sanctuary


Fraser Island

Located off coast of Queensland, Fraser Island is famous for its wildlife and white beaches. But it also has:

  • Natural rainforests
  • Beautiful sand dunes
  • Fresh water lakes


These islands offer unique features to explore to both locals and international tourists. Every kind of holiday experience is available. For travellers from outside Australia an Australian visa is required to be allowed entry into the country.


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Author Bio:

Scott Archer is a professional content writer and blogger from the UK who shares his travel experiences. His hobbies include travelling, trekking and cooking and he is currently working on a project for Australian visa which helps in visa assistance.


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