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I am a published writer and the editor of published books -- not self-published, but published by real publishing houses. I work on a variety of projects, fiction and nonfiction, large and small, including novels, websites, blog posts, and video projects. (I've produced, written, and edited short films and video projects -- see for yourself at Contact me for estimates or advice. Like a spider, I work alone but have a large web of resources. I will recommend a colleague if I can't handle your project. Honesty, hard work, and creativity are my calling cards. For more information, check out and

New Year’s Eve in New York City 93

A Holiday Tradition, of Sorts by Mark H. Bloom with Jason Scholder New Year’s Eve is a holiday meant to be shared — with friends, lovers, and other drunks. You say farewell to the old year and ring in the new with solemn wishes, unattainable resolutions, and lots of champagne. […]

New Year's Eve in Times Square: like climbing Everest

Before the trip Downtown

Disneyland for Adults? 4

It’s a Downtown Stakeout by Mark H. Bloom with Jason Scholder Once upon a time, near an inland empire far, far away, the mouse that roared (and sang and danced) got its own amusement park. The result — Disneyland — changed the face of Anaheim, California, forever. Back then, Orange […]

China: From the Mainland to Macau 2

A Study in Contrasts by Mark H. Bloom On Mainland China, which I like to call “The Land of Big Uncle,” it’s common to see a row of cameras over the highway. Travel, you see, is restricted. I was told a Chinese national isn’t allowed to go from Shenzhen to […]

Mark in Macau: suddenly, color was everywhere

Mark visits Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany

Oktoberfest Means More Than Beer

Beware the Law of Gravity by Mark H. Bloom with Jason Scholder   In honor of Oktoberfest — that most German of all festivals — I bring you the following true story. It reflects my personal preference for German beer. Contrary to popular belief, as is sometimes illustrated in these […]

Size Matters 2

And Other Myths About Waterfalls by Mark H. Bloom with Jason Scholder When it comes to waterfalls, I have one question: Does size really matter? The best waterfalls, in my opinion, are those you stumble upon in remote areas. On the Road to Hana in Maui, for example, you encounter […]

I went there so you didn't have to

Is Hell scary? Hardly.

The Trip from Hell

Hell Is Closer Than You Think by Mark H. Bloom with Jason Scholder I’ve been to Hell, and there’s not that much to it, really. The serrated volcanic rocks are still there, providing an overall sense of desolation, but the stench of sulfur has been replaced by a refreshing ocean […]

Packing Tips from a Seasoned Traveler 2

The Samsonite Diet by Mark H. Bloom with Jason Scholder #475150381 /   I love to travel, and I encourage everyone to get out and explore the world, or even just the neighborhood. You will expand your horizons. You will enrich your mind. You will discover problems you never […]

Be careful of what you pack if you try this technique.

We all had crushes on Elizabeth Montgomery

They’re Not Really Assholes 10

From witch tourism to masturbating statues, Mark Bloom discovers Salem Massachusetts has become a magnet for the bizarre.

The Minefield of Amsterdam 6

Mark Bloom writes another great anti-travel tale for Gypsy Girl, this one about the differences between Daytime Amsterdam and Nighttime Amsterdam. Watch your step in the Red Light District, as that’s not gum on the sidewalk

photo of scary girl

Matala: Not even on the unbeaten path

Adventure on a Mediterranean Island 4

Crete: Hotel Spelunker   by Mark H. Bloom with Jason Scholder When you want to get away from it all, sometimes the destination doesn’t matter as much as the distance from home. The farther away you go, the more relaxed you feel, as if you have to escape the very […]