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Airlines and Ebola: Travel just got deadly 6

What do the Malaysia Airlines disasters, an Ebola outbreak in Eastern Africa, and terrorists have in common?   MH17, EVD, and ISIL. No, it’s not some weird new programming code but a sad day for global travel. I woke this morning, not to news of the Malaysia Airlines disaster (that came […]



10 travel Instagram accounts you should follow

Instagram your way around the world By Marta López   Mobile phones have become one of the best travel mates for many photographers, bloggers and intrepid travellers. It´s all about being creative and playing around with the images to get the best result ever! In this sense, it seems like […]

Live like a World Cup Soccer Star 4

What would you buy with a footballer’s salary #451165760 / The world has gone mad for football, or more precisely, the 2014 FIFA World Cup. With so many highly paid soccer players on centre stage, it’s easy to have a bit of ‘Millionaire Envy’. Real estate company, Lamudi has compiled a […]


Freefalling at ScienceWorks in Canberra

Are we there yet? 2

A parents’ guide to enjoying rather than enduring family holidays   Think of a family holiday and what springs to mind?   Are you picturing theme park hotels, kiddie meals, sandcastles and sunburn, and endless screaming kids? Are you imagining one of those family friendly resorts with the kid’s club […]

World’s Best Honeymoon Vacation Destinations

By   ASHUTOSH DIWEDI It is a list of the most effective spots to be on any particular one particular getaway that’ll allow all of us reminiscences for you to very last an eternity that will many people acquire the opportunity to carry out when…. Related posts: 10 Luxury Hotels- […]


Infographic: Best places to stay on the planet

Want to holiday like a celebrity?   These destinations don’t come cheap, but you can’t deny, they are seriously cool.   From South Africa to Indonesia and India to French Polynesia here are 6 of the best places to stay on the planet.     If you had the money, which would […]

Sponsors needed for upcoming Launch Party

Sponsors needed   We’ve spent the last month migrating our website and blogs from Weebly to WordPress. Now we’re going to be spending the next few months searching for the very best sponsors to come on board for our launch party. While we initially planned the launch party to commence […]

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Number 1 Bazaar in Egypt 3

NUMBER 1 BAZAAR IN EGYPT By Rebecca Byfield   I know Egypt is off a lot of tourist itineraries now, given all the trouble its been having, but I thought I’d pull this one out of the journalism vault. We visited Egypt back in 2003, as part of our Round the […]

Do you want to write for Gypsy Girl? 3

Do you want to write for Gypsy Girl? Gypsy Girl is seeking guest bloggers and regular contributors to join the team to write about travel and/or expatriate life.   If you:   Are a long term traveller Are an occasional traveller Are an armchair traveller Are passionate about global cuisines […]