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7 places worth seeing in Bahrain

In a small island country like Bahrain, where can tourists go for a visit? Here are the top seven places worth seeing in Bahrain. Al-Fateh Mosque (Great Mosque) This religious site is really worth to visit. It has a beautiful, unique architecture and was constructed with maple and wood in […]



Women expatriates in the United Arab Emirates

Women expatriates in the United Arab Emirates – what is life like for a single female in Dubai?

Airlines and Ebola: Travel just got deadly 6

What do the Malaysia Airlines disasters, an Ebola outbreak in Eastern Africa, and terrorists have in common?   MH17, EVD, and ISIL. No, it’s not some weird new programming code but a sad day for global travel. I woke this morning, not to news of the Malaysia Airlines disaster (that came […]



10 travel Instagram accounts you should follow

Instagram your way around the world By Marta López   Mobile phones have become one of the best travel mates for many photographers, bloggers and intrepid travellers. It´s all about being creative and playing around with the images to get the best result ever! In this sense, it seems like […]

Are we there yet? 2

A parents’ guide to enjoying rather than enduring family holidays   Think of a family holiday and what springs to mind?   Are you picturing theme park hotels, kiddie meals, sandcastles and sunburn, and endless screaming kids? Are you imagining one of those family friendly resorts with the kid’s club […]

Freefalling at ScienceWorks in Canberra

Weekend at the Waldorf Astoria, Ras Al Khaimah- UAE

The Waldorf Astoria in Ras Al Khaimah was officially opened in August of 2013 and boasts 346 deluxe rooms and suits. As we entered the hotel’s fabulous valet entrance, the attention to detail and welcome service left us feeling as if we had arrived at… Related posts: 10 Luxury Hotels- […]

10 Luxury Hotels- Fabulous Travel

Luxury hotels are not just a place to sleep but an experience in themselves. From historic to modern, Majorca to Monaco here are 10 favourite Luxury Hotels featured on The Fabulous Times from the past two years. Whether you’re planning a weekend… Related posts: Things to do in Budapest- The Fabulous […]


Untold stories – a single Saudi woman

Ever wondered what young, Saudi women think of their lives? One of my favourite Saudi blogs, Under the Abaya talks to ‘N’ – a young, single Saudi woman on her views on marriage, education, raising children and the difficulties women in Saudi face. It’s an interesting read. Posted on May 19, […]

5 important things expats should know about working in Dubai

Dubai is the business center of the Middle-East, with a number of companies and expatriates moving into the city. The expats who are moving in should be well-versed with the etiquettes, the work environment and type of behavior that is expected in general out of any person who decides to […]


3779 Allied graves at Bomana War Memorial in PNG

Spirit of the ANZACs

In memory of those who gave their lives to give us freedom – Lest we forget This is an article I wrote many years ago on Anzac Day – in fact, it was one of the first articles I ever had published as a journalist. Given that today, Australians and […]