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Airlines and Ebola: Travel just got deadly 6

What do the Malaysia Airlines disasters, an Ebola outbreak in Eastern Africa, and terrorists have in common?   MH17, EVD, and ISIL. No, it’s not some weird new programming code but a sad day for global travel. I woke this morning, not to news of the Malaysia Airlines disaster (that came […]



Untold stories – a single Saudi woman

Ever wondered what young, Saudi women think of their lives? One of my favourite Saudi blogs, Under the Abaya talks to ‘N’ – a young, single Saudi woman on her views on marriage, education, raising children and the difficulties women in Saudi face. It’s an interesting read. Posted on May 19, […]

The Great Tasmanian Cable Car Debate 4

Should Hobart allow a cable car up Mt Wellington? As a recent arrival to Tasmania (as opposed to a true, generational local), I am quite new to The Great Tasmanian Cable Car Debate – a debate that has been raging for 108 years! I kid you not. For more than a century, […]



Easter traditions around the world

It’s Easter, a season people around the world celebrate in a variety of ways. Here are just a couple of the ways people celebrate Easter: USA: In America, as the Protestant values of hard work and the Catholic family values evolve and merge with a more secular reality of 21st Century life, there […]

Royal fever hits Down Under

Will and Kate’s visit adds fuel to Republican debate. Should Australia become a republic or stay part of the monarchy?

Does the Union Jack belong on the Australian flag?


Free houses for writers – the ultimate writing gig 4

Offering Writers a Creative Outlet—a Place to Call Home by Andrea Fisher   It is often difficult enough for writers to get paid for their writing.   Imagine people wanting you to create so badly they will give you your own house—for free—one they have taken the time, money, and […]

The Sochi Olympics

Are you watching the Winter Olympics?   The first winter Olympics in Russia have just started a couple of days ago. But how is all that affecting people around the globe?   Last week, one of my American friends posted that his sister was competing in Sochi.   Most nations […]

By Банк России via Wikimedia Commons