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Do you want to write for Gypsy Girl?

Notre Dame

Notre Dame

Gypsy Girl is seeking guest bloggers and regular contributors to join the team to write about travel and/or expatriate life.


If you:


  • Are a long term traveller
  • Are an occasional traveller
  • Are an armchair traveller
  • Are passionate about global cuisines and gastronomy
  • Have ever lived in another country
  • Love adventure travel and the great outdoors
  • Work or have worked in the tourism industry
  • If you have never travelled but are passionate about your home town or country (remember, your home is someone else’s travel experience)

we would love you to share your experiences on our site.


What we’re looking for:


  • Personal stories that involve travel, expatriate life or tourism
  • Beautiful destination photos and/or videos
  • Food and restaurant reviews, and/or recipes
  • Interesting interviews
  • Reviews of hotels, airlines, destinations, travel products or anything of interest to travellers and expats
  • Travel advice
  • Expatriate advice
  • Travel and tourism news
  • Career news or advice for expatriates
  • Travel and expatriate planning – finance, insurance, investments
  • Anything else you can think of that would be of interest to our readers


For more ideas, check out our Blog Wish List or read some of our latest Gypsy Girl posts


There are a few ways to contribute to Gypsy Girl – each has their own very specific submission guidelines, so please be sure to read these prior to enquiring. Any submissions or enquiries that do not follow our guidelines do get deleted unread.


As a guest blogger

In addition to sharing your experiences with readers around the world, you can share a brief blurb about your website, business or anything else you want to highlight, and can also backlink up to 3 links within your post.


As a regular contributor

Regular contributors get a Writers’ Shack email address, and a login for the website to upload content. They also feature on our Meet the Team page, and receive a one year subscription to Pens for Hire.


Alternatively, you might be more interested in being featured as an interview subject.


Check out our Write for Us page for more information or email

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Rebecca Byfield

About Rebecca Byfield

Rebecca Byfield is Editor-in-Chief of The Writers' Shack and its associated blogs. She has more than 15 years' experience in journalism and communications. She writes fiction under her alter ego, Riley Banks. Rebecca is available for freelance assignments. For more information, go to Also, check out our Pens for Hire page for a list of freelance writers, editors, translators and more -

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3 thoughts on “Do you want to write for Gypsy Girl?

    • Riley Banks (@RileyBanksBooks)

      Wow Linda – 25 years in PNG. That beats my measly 5 and a half years. I will send you an email with some more information, but am very excited about any posts you can write for us. :)

      I’m a bit rusty on my pidgin so will probably get it wrong but Hamamas Niu Yia.

      • Linda Kelley

        Wow! Four years ago, I wrote the above, and just see your response now! How did it come up now? I am still interested. Yu stap gut o wanem? Nogut yu dai pinis long dispela fopela yia!