Flowers to mark the start of a new journey

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FlowersIt is official – today marks my first official day of unemployment (at least in terms of paid employment. I’ve still got lots on for The Writers’ Shack).There was nothing untoward in leaving my present company, as attested by the large bunch of flowers I was presented at a morning tea. In fact, I stayed much longer than I thought I would.


While admin had played a massive role in my early career, I’d worked long and hard to distance myself from admin and to forge a writing career. However, as often happens, the real world intruded. We had bills to pay, and the reality was (and is) Tasmania is a small market. Writing roles don’t come up every day but bills… well, they’re seemingly eternal. So I accepted that, in the interim, I would have to accept admin work.


And that’s when the Executive Admin role came up looking after Tascorp’s board. It was only 2 days a week, which allowed me to keep writing. And I did just that – completing a number of temporary and contract communications roles in between my 2 day commitment to Tascorp. There was full transparency from the very beginning. All parties knew it was likely to be temporary.The only problem was, the company was so good to me, and so easy to work with that I ended up staying 2 1/2 years instead of the six months I had originally planned.

To compensate, we added in communications type duties to the role. I took over project management of the Annual Report and Financial Statements, and begun doing QA on the board papers, ensuring there was continuity throughout regardless of who wrote which paper.

But it was never going to move beyond a part time role without combining it with another role. The company was just too small.

And when it did eventually get combined, it was paired up with a HR position. Sure, I could have applied. I was even offered the opportunity to apply. I may have even been able to convince them and myself I knew something of HR (I don’t). But we all knew that to do so would jeopardise the other aspect of my career I’d spent 15 years building. At the end of the day, I’m a writer – a writer who can and has moonlighted in admin but there was no point heading down the road of moonlighting as a HR expert at the same time.

So after the longest notice period ever (I stayed 3 and a half months after we initially made the decision I wouldn’t put my hat in the ring), my time at Tascorp has come to an end, and I rejoin the ranks of the hungry writer looking for work.

Time to dust off the CV and do the rounds. If you know of someone looking for an amazing writer with more than fifteen years experience, be sure to let me know.

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