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Michele Kunz reviews Marvel’s newest blockbuster – Guardians of the Galaxy



Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is a fun, futuristic movie that is sure to please both friends and family alike… It opened Friday August 1, and what a spectacle it made! Marvel has successfully created a universe with a new brood of superheroes, and fans have responded with a string of favourable reviews, calling it a refreshing take on an over-saturated genre.


I am a huge fan of the superhero genre. When something new hits the big screen I am more than happy to see what all the buzz is about. And what I found in Guardians of the Galaxy was a brand new universe of diverse and interesting characters and plots.


I liked that Marvel gave the viewing audience a chance to meet each superhero individually before plunging us into a megastar-studded blockbuster movie. Phase one introduced the heroes in stand-alone stories and connected them through various plots. Phase two combined plots and allowed the Avengers to assemble and introduce Guardians of the Galaxy and in phase three Marvel hopes to bring the characters together with even bigger budgets, bigger movies, and a whole lot of fun.


Chris Pratt plays hero Peter Quill, AKA “Star Lord”. As a young boy, Peter was taken from his family and abducted by aliens. As an adult, he works for a group of thieves collecting and selling artifacts from various planets. While on a solo mission, he runs into another group of bounty hunters who are after the same treasure. After a clash of both wit and strength, Star Lord takes possession of the treasure – an Infinity Stone that contains great power. After learning that this artifact has great value, he decides to keep it for himself, which causes his leader Yondu Udonta (Michael Rooker) to place a bounty on Star Lord’s head. It is this bounty that brings the guardians together and starts the adventure rolling.


Before seeing the movie, I had reservations about Rocket (voiced by Bradley Cooper) – a genetically altered raccoon – and Groot (voiced by Vin Diesel) – a walking tree. They may be an unorthodox team but they work well together. I thought the animated characters would detract from the storyline and alienate an adult audience, but the movie demonstrated that great actors can even make a raccoon and walking tree believable and fun.


Other characters include Gamora (Zoe Saldana), the daughter of evil ruler, Thanos, Drax The Destroyer (played by former WWE wrestler Dave Bautista), and The Collector (Benicio del Toro).


Gamora is a skilled martial arts warrior who is also after the Infinity Stone, while vengeful Drax wants her dead. Of course, that just puts her on a collision course with Star Lord and sets up the plot line for the rest of the movie.


With the punch lines flying as fast as Iron Man, the explosive action hitting as hard as Thor, and the solid script as dependable as Captain America, you will barely notice the movie goes for two hours.


In my humble opinion, this is the best movie Marvel has produced to date and is an absolute must see summer blockbuster. I give Guardians of the Galaxy five Hulkish stars. Get down to your local cinema and see it or face the wrath of Fury.


5 star


Which is your favourite Marvel movie, and who is your favourite Marvel character? 



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  • Nicole

    I really enjoyed this movie as well. Your review was right on point with it being one of the best superhero movies to date. My favorite character in this movie was definitely Groot as I am a huge Vin Diesel fan. Another great review!