Harrison Craig is The Voice Australia

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By Riley Banks




It’s official.


Harrison Craig, that adorable kid that won our hearts the minute he opened his mouth – has won The Voice Australia, 2013.

If I was a betting woman, I would have put money on him winning way back during the blind auditions – because simply put, a blind man could have seen the kid was going to win. 

Now that’s not taking away from his talent at all. I am a HUGE Harrison fan.


He has the voice, he has the heart-tugging back story (for those of you who don’t know Harrison’s story, he is a chronic stutterer with the voice of an angel) and he has the look.


harrison-craig-sings-broken-vow-the-voice-australia-season-2-1283488You could say Harrison Craig is the complete package.


With all of that combined, there was no way anyone else was taking the title off him.


Harrison’s blind audition won the hearts of a nation – and if Harrison wasn’t enough to win us over, his adorable brother Connor finished it off with his obvious pride in his big brother. If you don’t believe me – check out his audition video. It doesn’t even matter if you’re not Australia and you’ve no interest in The Voice, because this kid is going to become a global sensation.

art-743186884-620x349Yet as much as I love Harrison, I must admit, I was ecstatic about the final four.


I would have been happy for any one of them to win.


I loved the seemingly contrasting fragility and strength, and sheer ethereal beauty of Celia Pavey’s voice.


I could sit and listen to Luke Kennedy sing opera all day. In fact, he’s so good, he had my son and my husband (two men who couldn’t hate opera more) saying he gave them goosebumps!


And as weird and emotional as Danny Ross was at times, I was nodding my head in agreement as Joel Madden described his uniqueness.
Here are my top 4 songs performed by the Top 4 contestants.

Harrison singing Unchained Melody, Luke Kennedy reminding us why we didn’t want to say Goodbye, Celia’s audition song is still my favourite, even though she did forget her words – and Danny Ross singing Old Man in honour of his father.


Some of my favourite moments from the Grand Final:


The opening song – always wondered why they didn’t capitalise on John Farnham’s The Voice last year, but hearing it this year was even better.


They really kicked it out of the ball park – and made me smile to see all the old contestants come back and sing with them. If you’re real quick, you can download a free copy of the song courtesy of Woolworths – just go to thevoice.woolworths.com.au 


Without a doubt, apart from Harrison winning, my next favourite moment of the night had to be Ricky Martin and Luke Kennedy singing Roxanne together. No, not the Sting version. They did the dramatic, sexy version from Moulin Rouge and were absolutely bloody fantastic! Hands down, best song of the night! I will definitely be adding that one to my play list.



And while we’re talking about adding things, Ricky needs to add Luke to his Australian tour quick smart, and they need to perform that song together on stage, again, and again and again. I’d pay money to go see that!


And you’ve got to love a bit of drama in a live show, which happened when Ricky Martin gave a ‘live’ performance of his new single, Come With Me.


Twitter lit up like a Christmas Tree with claims of lip syncing, prompting the show to come out with an official statement claiming it was technical difficulties with a time delay on the live performance, and definitely not lip syncing. Those kinds of dramas have the power to sink shows, so I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. Besides, I doubt there were many women in Australia watching Ricky’s lips anyway. They were too busy watching those hips move. It doesn’t matter that he’s the captain of the other side, he’s the official king of pelvis thrusts (at least since the original King is dead).


Yet as much as we all love a bit of Latino magic, I found myself wishing Ricky would tone it down a bit and sing us a ballad. I wanted to see the sensitive side he’s been showing us all season – the sensitive Ricky that has made millions of women fall in love. I wanted something more in line with his duet with Luke and less like She Bangs.


You’d have to be dead not to love Seal and Harrison’s duet, as they dedicated He’s My Brother, to Harrison’s brother, Connor. Part of me hates the fact that I loved it so much, because most of the time, Seal gets on my nerves. He has a brilliant voice and is obviously very talented, but I just don’t like the used car salesman routine he puts on to convince people to join his team.


So is Seal the super coach of the Voice (having coached two winners in a row) or is Seal just the better salesman? Would Harrison and Karise have won regardless of who coached them? Could Joel Madden have led either of them to victory? How about Delta?


And one final question before we lay yet another season to rest.


I was a massive, massive fan of Keith Urban last year, and was gutted when they announced he wouldn’t be returning this season. In fact, if given the choice between Ricky Martin and Keith Urban, I would have taken Keith every time – as would many other people who were watching the show. But now that it’s all finished, and we’ve had a whole season of watching Ricky Martin’s magic, who would you choose now? If you got to choose either Ricky Martin or Keith Urban to return as a judge on Season 3 of The Voice, who would you pick?

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