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CW Al Capones the new show before it even begins


Supernatural Bloodlines aired in Australia this week, introduced via a back door pilot from its ‘mother ship’, my all-time favourite show, Supernatural.


Leaving small town America and their greasy diner hangouts behind, the Winchesters headed off to the big smoke, arriving in Chicago to investigate some paranormal activity, a la a bunch of mafia-esque monster families squaring off against each other.


While I would normally give you a break down of what happened in the show, and what I liked/disliked about it (if you want to read a recap, check out http://www.supernaturalwiki.com/index.php?title=9.20_Bloodlines), that almost seems pointless now. Word on the street has it that Bloodlines is dead before it even begun.


CW TV, the network behind Supernatural, have Al Caponed the new show, saying an emphatic NO to adding Bloodlines to its stable of other paranormal favourites (Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, and The Originals). Unless another network picks it up soon, Supernatural Sopranos… oops, I mean Bloodlines is done and dusted. 


So what went wrong?


Personally, I think they veered too far from the source. It is a spin-off from Supernatural, not from TVD or The Originals. If it was ever going to capitalise on the rabid fandom of Winchester fans, it needed to stick to the formula that made that show successful: humour and ‘bros before hoes’.



Supernatural has never taken itself too seriously. Even when the brothers are kicking ass and taking numbers, they can have me in stitches. Dean gets the lion’s share of the best one-liners but Crowley, Gabriel, Balthazar, Bobby, and even Castiel have had their fair share too (Castiel is funniest when he’s not trying to be funny).


The show has also never tried to ride the romance train. While TVD has been built around the love triangle of Elena, Damon and Stefan, the closest we’ve come to a love triangle on Supernatural is Dean choosing between his brother, Sam, and Castiel! Dean loves his porn too much to settle down, and Sam… well, his girls either turn out to be demons or end up burning on the ceiling. 


Of course there are other things we love about the show: the heroes journey, mythology, and a killer soundtrack – not to mention some of the best villains ever written for TV (Lucifer, Crowley, Yellow Eyes, Abaddon, Dick Roman).


Bloodlines, on the other hand, tried to cram so much drama in the first episode, it was like a freaking episode of paranormal Bold and the Beautiful. Everything from the tragic death of a loved one that fuelled a cop into revenge mode, to the Romeo and Juliet lovers manipulated apart by their families. It was way too much drama and nowhere near enough levity for a Supernatural spin-off.


There were two positives: Nathaniel Buzolic (better known as Kol on TVD) was instantly likeable as David Lassiter. And I loved the whole monster ruling families concept – djinns, shapeshifters, ghouls, werewolves, and vampires. Perhaps if they’d introduced the show as a stand-alone, it may have had a chance.


In the end, it was just too far removed from the show whose coat tails it was supposed to ride – and that, in anyone’s book, is a recipe for disaster.


In better news though, CW has not ruled out another Supernatural spin-off, if it can find the right formula. The network has also agreed to a 10th season of Supernatural, meaning we get at least one more year of Winchester eye candy!


Did you catch Bloodlines? What did you think?

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One thought on “Has Supernatural Bloodlines died already?

  • wendyandcharles

    I watched the spin off when Sam and Dean were on it, haven’t seen boo of it since. I kinda got the feeling that it was too much like TVD or some of those others. It just wasn’t Supernatural like at all. Was surprised to hear it shut down so quickly but not too terribly. Maybe if they had done a spinoff with Jo and Ellen, a Mother, daughter hunter team, or something along those lines. Oh well, maybe next time they will get it right. Love the blog!