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Short Series Information: 

From the Christian Crusades to the war in Afghanistan, the Vampire Origins seamlessly weaves historical fact with vampire fiction to trace the origins of five very different vampire tribes. Book 1 opens with the Strigoi vampires.



Extended Series Information: 

From the Christian Crusades to the war in Afghanistan, the Vampire Origins series seamlessly weaves historical fact with vampire fiction to create an epic character-rich saga full of action, mystery, intrigue and horror – keeping you hooked to the very last word.


Vampire Origins explores five vampiric tribes: Strigoi, Cambion, Bretonnian, Strix and Nosferatu.


From his creation in the bloodshed of the Crusades to his reemergence as Vlad the Impaler, Vladamir Strigoi has sought a way to enslave mankind and rule the world. Only one thing can stop him – a human Strigoi descendant. Vlad will search the world for his kin, turning them before they can put an end to him.


The Cambion are a proud and arrogant race of born vampires, descended from royalty. Having never experienced human emotions, they take what they want and kill with cruel abandon. The Cambions have just one rule – never turn a human.


Forget murder and violent conversions. The Bretonnians are the hippest club among the creative elite, who revere free choice above all else.


A fierce tribe of warrior vampires, the Strix work alongside their human counterparts, hunting down and eradicating dictators. But the Strix have one weakness – their hunger for blood often drives them to become the very thing they hunt.


A shadowy race led by a fallen priest, the Nosferatu are slaves to their religious beliefs, unable to move beyond the superstitions that keep them hidden in the dark.




Ichorous Project Short Blurb:

Vladamir Strigoi has discovered a way to enslave mankind and rule the world. Only one thing can stop him – a Strigoi human. Vlad has no idea that his newest houseguest has Strigoi blood pumping through her veins. Now his greatest threat is just one floor above him. Under no circumstances can she remain human.


Ichorous Project Extended Blurb:

He slaughtered 30,000 in one night in Jerusalem and impaled 100,000 more in Romania in the 1400s. Now Vlad has discovered a way to enslave humans and rule the world – and this time, the death toll will be catastrophic. Only one thing can put an end to his plans – a Strigoi human. And Vlad will stop at nothing to eradicate every last one.

Scarlett Fraser has no idea she’s the very thing Vlad is hunting, or that the castle her dad is renovating is ground zero for Vlad’s Ichorous Project and his plans for world domination. She can stop Vlad and save the world but she must stay human long enough to do so.

As Scarlett is about to discover, staying human is a lot easier said than done.



Weaving fact with fiction to trace the origins of five very different vampire tribes.
Book Trailer: 

Book Specs:

Genre: YA Paranormal

Reading level: Ages 14 and up

Formats: Paperback, eBook




Book Cover:

Vampire Origins

What readers are saying about Vampire Origins: 


“In book 1, the author manages to create a whole back story not just for one vampire, but for the entire race of vampires. Mixing historical fact with her re-imagining of well known legends, she gives us five families or tribes, each with their own goals and ways of life. They don’t all get along, especially when it comes to how each group deals with humans. What is particularly enjoyable is that the book returns to the origins of all vampire tales, a mysterious castle in the Transylvanian Mountains of Romania. In that classic horror setting, a modern story is told.”


“Quite the tale and quite the use of history intertwined with the legend of the vampire. If you’re a vampire fan, this one is for you. Riley Banks brings forth a world of vampire clans, humans and a fascinating world the reader can get lost in. Heroine Scarlett wasn’t planning on saving the world, but here she is… The world Riley has created is complex but she gives due attention to fleshing out characters and bringing her world to live. It’s a great read, and just the first of many to come, have fun! ”


“Let me start out by saying I loved this book for so many reasons. I won’t go into the whole list but here are the main reasons. The author seamlessly weaves historical facts and legend into a great storyline. She keeps vampires true to form, killers, pure and simple. There were plenty of plot twists and surprises to keep me turning pages well into the night. I’ve read many vampire books lately and this is by far my favorite of those.”


“I love this different take on a vampire story line. With this book you are introduced to 5 different vampire races. Not that this book is all about vampires. It includes werewolves and other creatures. There is a great back story that helps to bring all of these races together and for-front in the story line. There is strong characters with strong personalities. Each of these flushes out the story line. It was a great read.”


“Riley Banks is a very talented author who creates worlds that you can get lost in. Vampire Origins is a complex world that has many characters and back stories. The author does a fabulous job of not confusing the reader, but still supplying the needed information for the story and what has lead up to the current issues. Scarlett is a determined, stubborn, and very likeable character. The fact that she is a teenager and still finding her way, adds depth and more meaning to all that she learns along the way. From the time I picked up this book until the last page I was captivated by the challenges and life altering situations that Scarlett and her family kept finding themselves in.”






Short Blurb:

Charlotte Burke had no desire to return to Australia. The William S Club had other ideas.



Extended Blurb:

Seven years ago, Charlotte Burke changed her name and fled Australia, swearing never to return. Now in London, working as a journalist for The Daily Telegraph, Charlotte has put her old life behind her; a life scarred by memories of her mother’s suicide and her father’s criminal history. But Charlotte’s past crashes into her present when she is invited on an exclusive press trip by the world’s richest family. Little does Charlotte know the William S Club, the shadowy powerbrokers at the helm of the Harvey family, want to use Charlotte to draw out her father who worked for them before being imprisoned. They will stop at nothing to achieve their goals, plunging Charlotte into a dangerous cat and mouse game played out across three continents, drawing her ever closer to Sydney and their ultimate showdown. With a dangerous psychopath on the loose and the bodies piling up, Charlotte turns to Damon Harvey. Can she trust Damon or is he just another cog in The William S Club’s deadly game?





You can’t escape your past.


Book Specs:

Genre: Thriller

Reading level: Ages 18 and up

Formats: Paperback, eBook


Book Cover


The William S Club 1400px

What readers have said about The William S Club:


“The world of fast-paced, fiery narratives is often attempted but rarely achieved so well. There is reason to believe that author Riles Banks will win a considerable reputation for his deft handling of the material.”


“Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Mystery, romance, adult sex and travel to exotic cities. Highly recommended. I could not put it down and the descriptions of the places mentioned in the book made me feel like I was there with the characters.”


“The William S Club is a suspenseful thriller with a great mystery all surrounded by enough romance, sex and action to wrap this book up as one of the better ones I have read this year.”


“This book took hold of me very quickly. It’s one of those you wake up thinking about. Loved the characters especially the sexy Damon and I loved the story. There are lots of twists and turns and things I did not expect. Very well written and I look forward to something else from this author. One of my best reads this year.”


“This novel takes the reader through a complicated maze of misdeeds to reveal the corrupt history of the Harvey family. As Charlotte and Damon unravel the truth, violence touches everyone they love. Shocking scenes of cruel debauchery reveal the evil characters of the enemy as Charlotte walks a perilous path of discovery. The fascinating storyline and heart-pounding suspense keeps a reader’s attention to the very end.”


“The story is action packed and full of twists and turns as Burke slowly uncovers the underbelly of the Harvey family secret. However, her investigation is not without danger. For Burke and her colleagues, some of the danger comes from their entanglement in the twisted debauchery that William Harvey Jr. feeds upon.”


“The William S Club was not what I expected. I wasn’t even sure I would like it but as I continued to read, I found I could not put it down. The need to know what came next kept me reading. I love books I have to read on the treadmill. The characters were well fleshed out. The story rich in detail. The William S Club is an excellent book and deserves every star I gave it.”


“They should make a movie out of this. And a sequel too. Continue on with this family; the characters were fascinating. I want to know what Damon did with that thing in the basement! Great read.”


“I didn’t know what to expect reading Ms Riley’s book but I certainly wasn’t disappointed. It’s a fast-paced thriller, laced with sex and violence, populated by a wide range of characters, both heroic and dastardly, and a satisfying conclusion to the main mystery.”


Short Bio:


Riley Banks knows how to tell a tale or two. Her fast paced novels hook readers and keep them hooked to the very last word as she creates worlds readers won’t want to leave.


Whether she’s writing for adults or young adults, you can rely on her signature to shine through: Fast pace, gripping suspense and characters so rich and bold they will stay with you long after you finish.



Extended Bio: 


Riley Banks is the pen name of journalist and blogger, Rebecca Byfield, who has been writing professionally for over fifteen years.


There are times when juggling her two professional personas can feel a little bit like managing split personalities but she’s getting the hang of it.


She has published two books and two short stories under Riley Banks, with many more to come: Vampire Origins, a paranormal series for young adults; and The William S Club, a sexy thriller taking the reader on a cat and mouse chase through Europe, the Middle East and finally Australia.


She’s lived in four different countries and has a great passion for travel, which explains why all of her books have a very international flavour to them.


When she’s not writing fiction, Rebecca is juggling a busy journalism career, and managing The Writers’ Shack, a website with three popular blogs and a team of writers. During her career, she has been a newspaper columnist in Papua New Guinea, an Editor and journalist in Dubai, and an Editor-in-Chief in Tasmania.


Rebecca has been married for 21 years, has three grown up children and is about to become a grandmother for the first time.


She has two golden Cocker Spaniels and a cat named Bear who forced his way onto the pages of Vampire Origins. Bear may or may not be a shapeshifter…


Author Photo:


Riley Banks

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11 Fun Facts about Riley: 

1.       Riley is not my real name. It is a pseudonym I came up with to protect my poor mother’s innocence due to the ‘racy’ nature of The William S Club. My real name is Rebecca.

2.       I have lived in four different countries – Australia, Papua New Guinea, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. I have also lived in four different states in Australia – Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and Tasmania, pretty much ticking off the entire eastern seaboard with the exception of Canberra.

3.       My best friend calls me Gypsy Girl because of my relentless moving and my addiction to travel (in addition to living in four states and four countries, I have lived in more than 32 different houses in 40 years. Considering I lived in the same childhood house for 15 years, that’s a LOT of moves.

4.       Having had my first child at 20, I have always been one of the youngest mother’s in my children’s schools. Now 41, I am in the scary position of having children who are 20, 18 and 16 (and soon to have my first grandchild) when most of my friends have children in pre-school!

5.       I have been married for 21 years and am still hopelessly in love with my husband – to the point that we talk to each other several times a day.

6.       I am the youngest of 8 children!

7.       I am a mad Sydney Swans supporter but love watching any Australian Rules Football game.

8.       I still check under my bed before I go to sleep, and if I forget, I cannot sleep properly!

9.       I once inadvertently caused a major diplomatic incident while working at the Australian Embassy in Papua New Guinea!

10.   I am a complete TV and movie addict – my favourite shows include Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, The Walking Dead, and Grey’s Anatomy. I also watch reality TV shows like The Voice Australia, X Factor Australia, The Block, Celebrity Apprentice and My Kitchen Rules, often roping my poor husband into watching with me. I am so addicted that, if I can’t remember an actor’s name or what else they’ve been in, I will look them up on IMDB just to appease my curiosity.

11.   If I could live in any country in the world, it would definitely be France. I am a total Francophile who gushes madly about the country, the food, the people and the language. No wonder France often features in my books.



Answers to 11 questions: 

1.       Do you write your first drafts by hand? 

I write some rough notes by hand. The rest is done on the computer. Having started my career as a Personal Assistant, I type much faster than I write.

2.       Do you follow more than 10 blogs?

Umm, yes – lots more. But I am the worst blog follower ever. Unless a headline grabs me, I don’t bother reading (hint to bloggers – put as much work into your heading as you do the content). That is because, thanks to working two jobs and trying to write books (oh, and trying to be a good mum and wife), I am very, very time poor. I delete far more email than I actually read. I do have a handful of blogs that I always pay attention to though.

3.       Do you play a musical instrument?

Very badly. I learned piano as a child but my parents forced me to choose between going to private school and continuing with piano lessons. I actually chose the piano lessons and then they told me I made the wrong choice and sent me to private school anyway. Have always wished I could play piano better. My grandfather was a concert pianist and music kind of runs through my family. A good piano solo can actually bring me to tears. I can sing though – so you could say I play the vocal chords.

4.       Given the choice, which opera would you attend?

Phantom of the Opera every time. Saw it in Melbourne when I was a teenager and then took my daughter to see it in London. Love Phantom so much.

5.       eBook or paper book?

Paper, without a doubt – I love the feel of a book in my hand, though I must admit, I love the space saving benefits of an ereader. Being able to take 15 books on holidays on one tiny device saves lots of arguments with the husband about too much luggage.

6.       Do you use an electric blanket?

Never! I get really hot when I sleep and have been known to turn a fan on in the middle of winter. I love a cold bedroom. That way I can snuggle with my hubby under the blankets and keep warm together.

7.       Do you write in cafes?

No. I rarely go to cafes alone (maybe because I don’t drink much coffee). I’m usually there with my husband or with friends. Plus, as I said earlier, I tend to write so much faster on a computer.

8.       Is there a film that has influenced you greatly?

Movie addict here. Lots of movies have influenced me. I’m the kind of person who can watch a movie over and over and over again – that is if it grabs me. If it doesn’t, I won’t bother watching again. Saw Dances with Wolves about 14 times at the cinemas and have since seen in a number of times on DVD. Probably my favourite movie ever is Gone with the Wind. But also love Braveheart, particularly as I am related to Robert the Bruce on my mother’s side.

9.       Do you keep a diary?

Have tried to a number of times but I’m really bad at it. I write for a couple of days then forget for years, then half-heartedly try to take it back up again, only to lose interest again. One day I will have to write down all my experiences before they are gone forever. I do, however, love to blog, so if you want to know more about me, sign up for my newsletter.

10.   Which foodstuff do you like the least?

Anchovies! Incidentally, they are my husband’s favourite, but guaranteed to make me puke.

11.   Do you listen to music while you work? If so, what?

It depends. Sometimes I do. Sometimes I can’t because I am so deeply engrossed in my writing that anything exterior to that is a distraction. I have three different stages of ‘music’ for writing. One is a list with all my favourite songs on it (far too many to name). Then when I find the lyrics in songs distracting, I switch to instrumental music only (lots of movie soundtracks, which I’m a bit of a sucker for). Then there is the sounds of silence when I really need to focus, where I can’t handle anything on in the background.

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