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These are the people that make up the team at The Writer’s Shack. Some write for only one blog, while others spread their talent across multiple platforms. 


Rebecca is the Editor-in-Chief of The Writers’ Shack. In that role, she oversees and edits all submissions to the site, as well as managing the day to day operations of the business. Her articles on the site appear as either Rebecca Byfield or Riley Banks.
In addition to her tasks for The Writers’ Shack, Rebecca is a journalist, editor and blogger with a wealth of experience under her belt. She’s lived and worked in four different countries (Australia, Papua New Guinea, Dubai and Saudi Arabia) and had her articles published in many more.In 2012, she published her first novel under the pen name, Riley Banks.
Rebecca began her writing career as a travel journalist and has returned to her first love through the Gypsy Girl Travel blog. So far, she’s been to 34 countries and counting, and hopes to cross a few more off her bucket list over the coming years. When’s she’s not writing, she loves nothing better than hanging out with her husband of 22 years or her three kids, watching Australian Rules Football (she’s a Sydney Swans fan) and indulging in the finer things of life.


Lannah Sawers-Diggins was born in South Australia and raised in the outback of that state.  Due to the absolute isolation of her childhood, along with her brothers she was educated by School of the Air for her primary schooling.  In those days, this was conducted by a wireless and hand held receiver, which Lannah can still vividly feel and smell.  The mighty Royal Flying Doctor Service was also accessed via the same wireless set.

Lannah is an author and one of her current books is detailing life in the outback – visiting each of the 25-30 sheep and cattle stations scattered across the nation, she is delving into many aspects of life out there, including the impact of the internet and social media.  The first leg of this research has recently taken her across two states and some of the information she has gleaned has been very interesting – with more to come.

She will be visiting the next state in September, doing much the same there as well as the last two states, following in November and just before Christmas.  Lannah is also about to launch a massive nationwide ‘advertising’ campaign inviting the people of the outback to contact her to give their views and feelings about the internet and social media generally.  There are already some very interesting and varied opinions filtering through.  She is also including a few schools in country towns where the feelings will be different again.

Find out more about Lannah at the following links


Mark is a grant writer for a community mental health center in central Indiana.  He earned a BA from Indiana University – Bloomington in 1992 with a double major in Criminal Justice and Sociology, and an MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University in 2003.

Mark is an avid reader, and an aspiring fiction writer.  Favorite authors are Stephen King, John Sandford, Elmore Leonard, Cormac McCarthy, and James Lee Burke.  His favourite genres are thrillers, true crime, literary fiction, sci-fi, and horror.

His musical tastes are very diverse, but Mark mostly listens to progressive rock, classic rock, hard rock, and heavy metal.  However, he doesn’t do rap or pop music.

Hobbies include fishing, hiking, and cycling.  Mark loves college basketball (Indiana Hoosiers) and the NFL (Indianapolis Colts).

He has three daughters, two of whom still live at home, and therefore blames that for his gray hair and itchy trigger finger.  His wife Carla is a respiratory therapist.  Together, they are also raising their special-needs granddaughter.  Rounding out their family is a Siberian Husky named Oscar, who Carla calls Damn Dog.

You can read Mark’s take on books, music, and things that piss him off at

Follow him on Twitter @MarkCombs1968

Contact Mark on


Michele Kunz is an author, blogger, and artist.  She is a fiction writer whose stories appeal to young adults as well as anyone looking for a new adventure in reading. Her books include Guardian of the Stone, The Deliverer and On the Breath of Dawn. She was credited in 2002 for a donated work, Who I Am.

If you would like to get in touch with Michele, you can do so through LinkedInTwitter and on her blog site

Michele lives with her husband and children in New York.Guardian of the Stone is a comprehensive manuscript. There are two stories that conclude the saga; with three books that complete the collection. The second book, The Deliverer is the sequel. Each story takes the reader on a mystical journey, captivating their imagination. This is the story of human frailty and the will to survive; it is the epic tale of good verses evil, with surprising twists and a staggering ending.

Guardian of the Stone is a story of endurance and hope and leaves the reader wanting more; The Deliverer completes the narrative and gives the reader closure. The third book; On the Breath of Dawn, tells the story from the beginning… Guardian of the Stone, is on file with the U.S. Copyright Office at The Library of Congress in Washington D.C.


Amanda Perry was born, raised and currently resides in New Jersey, USA, with her husband, 3 children, and amazing cat Lucifer.

Amanda enjoys attending a wide variety of conventions, from NYC Comic con to Faerie con to Book Signing and BEA, and everything in between. When she is not reading or writing she spends her time hiking, swimming preferably in lakes and eating fried Oreo’s with a side of fresh lemonade.

Her favorite shows include Supernatural, Game of Thrones, Vampire Diaries, Doctor Who….and many more.  Her favorite books include but are not limited to Jim Butchers The Dresden Files, David Estes The Moon DwellersLooking for AlaskaDaughter of Smoke And Bone, Grave Sight by Charlaine Harris, The Sun Also Rises, Breakfast at Tiffanys, The A Song of Ice And Fire Series …Just to name a few!

Amanda is an aspiring writer and has been recently published for the first time (and hopefully not the last) in an anthology of Horror Drabbles – Little Stories for the Smallest Room  – published by KnightWatch Press.

For more information, you can email Amanda on or check  out her blog at: 




Mark H. Bloom, with a red foam noseMARK BLOOM

Mark H. Bloom has sported many looks over the years: young and old, bearded and clean-shaven, bald and hippy, in color and in black-and-white. He figures it will allow him to escape the authorities if it ever comes to that — no idle claim from someone whose motto is: “I’d rather be different than right.”

He grew up just north of Boston, Massachusetts, in the historic port city of Salem, where independent thought once inspired hangings. It was a fine place to come of age, but not such a good place to date. He did in fact go out with a self-proclaimed witch — the sex was magical, but it took him years to physically recover from the breakup.

While trying to figure out what to do with his life, Mark attended Colby College in Maine, where professors inspired his mind and alcohol poisoned it in equal measure. His epiphany came during his junior year in Munich, Germany, where he discovered a love of travel.

His adventures really began after graduation. He’s crossed the US by plane (many times), by car (once from Seattle to Portland, Maine, in less than four days), by motorcycle (round-trip) and by thumb (when he was younger). He’s ventured back to Europe, as well as to Canada, Mexico, China, Thailand and other less desirable destinations.

Writing about his experiences, he employs a keen eye for detail and a self-depreciating wit. He’s learned, for example, that he can find meaningful relationships and good beer almost anywhere, but the truly awful experiences are the ones worth writing about.

Mark now lives in the scenic Appalachian Mountain town of Asheville, North Carolina. A recovered technical writer, he is a published writer, the editor of published books, and the producer and writer of several short films. He joined The Writers’ Shack as a travel blogger not to depress you, but to encourage you to prove him wrong.

You can contact Mark by email at Find his professional website at Catch him on LinkedIn and on Facebook. He wants to edit your next book.


Sandra is a 22 year-old aspiring author. Born and raised in the south of Mexico with neverending dreams of living in rainy England. She has a Global Business degree and is soon to be a Communicology graduate. She speaks Spanish and English fluently so she enjoys to read in both languages.
She’s a passionate reader, writer and human being. Among her interests are history, production, publishing, media, journalism, football and literature. She watches an unhealthy amount of tv-shows and films, listens to sad music and obsess over her favourite things. She’s a long-suffering Harry Potter fan, Sylvia Plath mourner and Jane Austen worshipper.
Sandra is available for book reviewing and translations. She’s currently translating a book from English to Spanish. If you’re interested, contact her via email ( to get more information.
When it comes to books, she has a pretty eclectic taste. She’s willing to review the following genres: Young Adult, Paranormal, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Romance, Steampunk and Dystopia.
Find her on:

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