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Vampire OriginsWeaving historical fact with fiction, Vampire Origins traces the origins of five very different vampire tribes.


Book 1 – Project Ichorous: 


He killed 30,000 in one night during the Crusades, and impaled 100,000 more in Romania in the 1400s. Now Vladamir Strigoi has discovered a way to enslave mankind and rule the world.


Only one thing can stop him – a human descendant.


Vlad has no idea his newest houseguest has Strigoi blood pumping through her veins. Now his greatest threat is just one floor above him.


Under no circumstances can she remain human.



Vampire Tribes:


Cambion – Descended from royalty, the Cambions are a proud and arrogant race of pureblood born vampires. Having never experienced the restrictions of human emotion, they take what they want and kill with cruel abandon. They have just one rule – never turn a human.


Bretonnian – Forget murder and violent conversions. Forget the Freemasons and Scientology. The Bretonnians’ are the hippest club among the creative elite and they are all for free choice, free love and free spirit. From scientists to artists and from rock stars to Hollywood’s biggest names, anyone who is anyone wants to be a Bretonnian.


Strix – A fierce tribe of warrior vampires, the Strix are often employed by governments and private armies as bodyguards, mercenaries and assassins to take down dictators. They are ruthless, efficient killers working side by side with their human counterparts. But the Strix have one weakness – their hunger for blood often drives them to become the very thing they hunt.


Nosferatu – A shadowy race led by a fallen priest, they are slaves to their religious beliefs, unable to move beyond their superstitions that keep them hidden in the dark.


Strigoi – From his creation in the bloodshed of the crusades, to his reemergence as Vlad the Impaler, Vladamir Strigoi has sought a way to enslave mankind and rule the world. Only one thing can stop him – a true, Strigoi human. Vlad will search the world for his descendants, turning them before they can put an end to him.


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The William S Club 1400pxSeven years ago, Charlotte Burke changed her name and fled Australia, swearing never to return.


Now in London, working as a journalist for The Daily Telegraph, Charlotte has put her old life behind her; a life scarred by memories of her mother’s suicide and her father’s criminal history.


However, Charlotte’s past crashes into her present when she is invited on an exclusive Harvey Incorporated press trip.


The William S Club, the shadowy powerbrokers at the helm of Harvey Incorporated, use Charlotte to draw out her father who worked for them before being imprisoned.


They will stop at nothing to achieve their goals, plunging Charlotte into a dangerous cat and mouse game played out across three continents, drawing her ever closer to Sydney and their ultimate showdown.


With a dangerous psychopath on the loose and the bodies piling up, Charlotte turns to Damon Harvey. Is he someone she can trust or is he just another cog in The William S Club’s deadly game?






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