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The Writers’ Shack launches Read 4 Review, a brand new initiative for book lovers


iStock_000019716260XXLargeYou might remember that a month or so ago, we put some feelers out to see if anyone was interested in a Read 4 Review program. Well, the response from both authors and readers was overwhelmingly positive and we’ve decided to go ahead.

IMPORTANT EDITOR’S UPDATE: Only books submitted in the recommended way will be accepted into the program. It is far too time consuming otherwise, and will be the quickest way to see the program fail.



What is it? 

For those who aren’t sure, a Read 4 Review program is designed to help authors and publishers get much-needed reviews for their books. While some programs focus only on trade books, and others only handle self-published, The Writers’ Shack believes everyone should have access to the system, as everyone benefits from review programs regardless of how their book is published.


How does it work? 

Authors and publishers list their book in our program and offer free e-copies to readers in exchange for an honest review. Readers agree to read the book in a reasonable time frame. Reviews must be posted on The Writers’ Shack. It is then up to the individual reviewer where else they would like to post their review (we encourage them to post as widely as possible on Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes and Noble, etc).

Join our mailing list to become a VIP reviewer and receive an email each month listing our featured review book.

We ask all reviewers to read and abide by the reviewing guidelines set out in 6 things you need to know about book reviews 


Authors/publishers can choose to offer a limited number of ebooks (we recommend at least 10) or they can choose to offer unlimited copies. It is completely up to the individual.


Please do not offer books that are permanently free.


How will reviews be posted?

Readers will email their review through to These will then be posted into one blog post and promoted throughout our social media channels. Authors/publishers are free to share these reviews, or use them in their promotions. Any late reviews received will be added to the post and then reshared through social media.


How often will the program run?

To begin with, we will list one book per month but depending on how successful the program is, this could be increased or decreased.


Will their be a cost involved to authors? 

Not at first – though management reserves the right to charge a small administration cost in the future.


How do I list my book?

Authors and publishers must register their books in our program first by emailing the following information to or by leaving the details in the comments below:

  • Author name
  • Publisher details (if self-published, author website or social media links is okay)
  • Email address/contact details
  • Book Title
  • Book genre
  • Book length
  • Book blurb
  • Formats available (PDF, ePub, Mobi etc)
  • How many review copies you want to provide
  • Any awards, honours or media coverage your book has received – anything that will help us promote it and get more readers interested
  • Why we should accept your book in our program – tell us what makes your book special


If we choose to accept your book into our program, we will send you a program date and invite you to email e-copies or voucher codes for your book. Please remember, this is a valuable service we offer you. The Writers’ Shack reserves the right to refuse participation from any authors that act unprofessionally. This includes demanding reviews be removed, trying to contact reviewers personally, or acting in any way we deem unprofessional.


How do readers request a review copy?

Readers leave a comment advising the format they would like. Please note, you must provide a valid email address when posting your comment so that we can email your review copy.



For authors/publishers: 

Authors/publishers must register their interest in the program first. If you are accepted, you will be issued a Please do not send any book files until you have been given a program date.

Authors/publishers must provide The Writers’ Shack electronic copies of their book (upon request – please do not email in the first instance) or a reusable, downloadable voucher or code that can be given to reviewers.

Authors/publishers accept that reviews are subjective and that not everyone will like your book. However, The Writers’ Shack will not post any reviews that attack or flame an author.

Under no circumstances should an author respond to a negative review or try to contact the reviewer. This is completely unprofessional, and anyone acting in an unprofessional manner will be removed from the program and banned from taking part in the future.


For readers/reviewers:

First, sign up to become a reviewer. 

Only choose books that are of interest to you, from genres you would normally read. If you normally hate science fiction, there is no point in signing up for a sci-fi Read 4 Review.

Readers agree not to share the book with anyone else.

People read at different paces; however, we do expect reviews to be posted in a reasonable time frame (i.e., within two months of receiving your copy). If you are unable to post a review or feel yours will be delayed, email us and let us know why.

At The Writers’ Shack, we believe reviews are subjective. What one person likes, another may hate. While it is perfectly fine for you to post a negative review on a book in our program, we do ask that you keep your comments constructive and about the book. No personal attacks will be accepted, and anyone found guilty of personal attacks or flaming authors will be banned from the program.

If, however, you continually post only negative reviews, we reserve the right to ban you from participating in the program.

Where limited copies are available, e-books will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

As with anything new, there will be some bumps and curves along the way, and we may need to change rules as we get feedback or come across problems. Please bear with us as we get this program up and running.

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Rebecca Byfield

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Rebecca Byfield is Editor-in-Chief of The Writers' Shack and its associated blogs. She has more than 15 years' experience in journalism and communications. She writes fiction under her alter ego, Riley Banks. Rebecca is available for freelance assignments. For more information, go to Also, check out our Pens for Hire page for a list of freelance writers, editors, translators and more -

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8 thoughts on “Seeking authors, publishers and book lovers for a brand new read for review program

  • Gloria Wolk

    I will provide 10 copies (mobi or epub) of “Accidental Felon,” a legal suspense novel about an innocent single mother indicted as a felon. I can send it directly but wonder how to prevent piracy.

    The website gives an idea of the story, also of other true stories including that of Miichael, (plus copies of court documents) in which the author assisted an innocent young man with efforts to vacate the wrongful conviction that branded for life as a felon and Registered Sex Offender.

    “Accidental Felon” is 361 pages, published by Bialkin Books, The ebook is $9.95 and the price will not be lowered because the author does not want to attract bargain hunters who will be disappointed by the lack of sex and violence.

  • Evan Guilford-Blake

    I’m interested in listing my short story collection “American Blues,” to be published on October 23, 2014. Reviews would need to be published on or shortly after that date, not before.

    Author name: Evan Guilford-Blake
    Publisher details: Holland House –
    Email address/contact details: author:
    Book Title: “American Blues”
    Book genre: Literary fiction – short stories
    Book length: 66,000 words
    Book blurb: “The Blues are rooted in the American mind and soul. Each era has its own, and each is both the same and different, just like the people who know them, and play them, and live them.

    “Here are five powerful stories exploring that mind and soul as they’ve evolved over the last seventy years.”

    Formats available (PDF, ePub, Mobi etc): Mobi, print
    How many review copies you want to provide: Mobi – 25; print – 5

  • Natasha Murray

    Hi I would like a review for my books ‘Chanctonbury’ and 3004 please

    Author name – Natasha Murray
    Publisher details – Chanctonbury is self published and I have the publishing rights back from The Book Guild for 3004 and have self published as an ebook –

    Email address/contact details –
    Book Title – Chanctonbury and 3004
    Book genre – fantasy/science fiction
    Book length – Chanctonbury – 139,648 and 3004 – 73,926

    Book blurb – Chanctonbury – ‘One autumn day, six people with troubled pasts, meet at the Chanctonbury Ring, a circle of beech trees on top of an Iron Age hill fort on the northern edge of the South Downs. The Devil whom it is believed lurks within the hill, rather than offer them a bowl of soup, takes it upon himself to grant them their dearest wishes. Sadly, there are consequences for such kindness!’

    Book blurb – 3004 -‘London, a thousand years from now. The capital sprawls across the whole of England and every last bit of land is taken up by human habitation. The capitals are protected from terrorist and criminal infiltration, by an invisible shield and the people live under constant surveillance. Everyone, though, is happy – or seems to be. Law breakers, are cast out of the shield, into the wilderness and are left there to fend for themselves.

    Somewhere in the French wilderness, two sixteen-year-old Londoners are about to embark on the task that every boy their age must pass. They couldn’t be more different: Kayleb is clever but puny; Rowan is strong and obstinate. They’ve never been friends – far from it – but they quickly realise that, if they are going to survive the bloody dangers ahead of them, they are going to have to learn to trust each other – and fast!’

    Formats available (PDF, ePub, Mobi etc) – all available

    How many review copies you want to provide – I can provide five copies of each

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards


  • Ron Spears

    Great news to learn of your Read 4 Review program. I hope that I might qualify and submit the following information. I hope to hear back from you soon.

    •Author name- R. M. A. Spears

    •Publisher details- Authorhouse and no website, as is work-in-progress, but book and bio description avail on Goodreads

    •Email address/contact details-

    •Book Title- Armor of Glass

    •Book genre- Contemporary Fiction/Lit Fiction/Contemporary Romance

    •Book length- 258 pages/89,000 words

    •Book blurb- When Brick Pace, a down on his luck, middle-aged Marine, telephones Cameo to meet for lunch, where they share mutual lies of contented lives and marriages, they unwittingly trigger a chain of events that threaten to expose Cameo’s career of salacious revenge and destroy both their careers.

    Growing up in the Midwest and weaned on the TV-glow of the Vietnam War, Brick is driven to join the military. His churchy high school girlfriend, Cameo, follows in his footsteps towards the Air Force Academy. Her vow to remain chaste until graduation is robbed by the medical technician conducting her physical. Brick’s rage at Cameo’s lack of willingness to alert authorities tears them apart as she goes on to become the first woman appointed to the academy.

    With his head down, bulling through various global assignments, Brick’s version of the American dream is the salvation of combat. Unfulfilled, the troubled Marine resigns on the eve of Black Monday where he pursues a string of noxious civilian jobs and bristles unsettled in the burbs, supporting his wife, Selma, in nursing school until evidence surfaces of her affair.

    Unable to think clearly, Brick discovers Cameo is posted back home and haphazardly tumbles face first into a turbulent affair with the high-ranking officer on the fast track to general. What Brick doesn’t know is that he will be the spark to ignite a powder keg revealing her past of vengeful philandering and in the end, be left alone to rummage through the pieces.

    •Formats available- PDF and ePub

    •How many review copies you want to provide- I will provide 10 copies

  • Joe Olivieri

    Hi Rebecca,

    I would like to have my novel “Eze & Me” considered for review after it’s publication date this Fall (OCT ’14).

    Author name: Joe Olivieri
    Publisher details:
    Email address/contact details:
    Book Title: Eze & Me
    Book genre: Action/Adventure/Modern Western
    Book length: 500-600 pages
    Book blurb: A Roller Coaster Ride through the Wild Southwest!

    The story of how two young men come together for the adventure of one’s life. One wants to put his past behind him, the other wants to live it. The two set off on a journey through the Southwest and Rocky Mountains in an old pickup truck for an epic adventure that becomes an education. Traveling through the colorful towns and characters they meet along the way, a brotherhood is formed that will be short-lived, but remembered forever.

    Formats available: Paperback; Kindle; eBook
    How many review copies you want to provide: At least 10

  • Eric J. Gates

    Hi Rebecca,

    Would you please check to see if the first book in my ‘the CULL’ series and my stand-alone thriller ‘Full Disclosure’ are suitable for your new program? They can be found on Amazon at (the CULL – Bloodline) and (Full Disclosure) respectively. There is also further info and extracts on my website I would be willing to initially offer 20 copies of each in .mobi format for Kindle for review.

    As an aside, and with all due respect to your web, I think this program would be far more attractive if reviewers could also post their reviews on Amazon – it would more directly affect book sales given the way Big A’s algorithms appear to work.

    Thanks and best wishes,