25 free things you can do in Sydney

25 Free Things You Can Do In Sydney [Infographic] by the team at Momondo Group Ltd   Related posts: Enjoying the best (and free) parts of Sydney in summer Enjoying the best (and free) parts of Sydney in summer by Jessica Meddows     Summer… Meditating in Sydney’s pools Meditating in […]



Aussie outback romance meets Italian sexy

Review of The Sunnyvale Girls by Fiona Palmer Last year, I read and loved Fiona Palmer’s The Sunburnt Country, so when Penguin asked me to read Palmer’s latest book, The Sunnyvale Girls, I jumped at the chance. For those of you not familiar with Palmer’s work, she is the Queen of Australian Outback […]

Author inspired by POW past

Fiona Palmer talks to The Writers Shack about her brand new novel, The Sunnyvale Girls, and how she found inspiration from an Italian prisoner of war I was talking to my friend Lea one day about how I wanted to write my next book on the Italian prisoners of war that worked on […]


World Picture

Australia: king of the islands 1

Australia, the world’s biggest island, is home to thousands of other islands as well. These islands offer visitors wonderful choices to explore and enjoy their holiday. They are scattered all over the Australian coast and are as varied as they are beautiful. Scott Archer guest blogs at Gypsy Girl to uncover the […]

Brisbane on the Queen’s Birthday

Brisbane felt empty today, well, as empty as a city of 2 million people can feel on any given day. I don’t know if it was because I hit the streets early or if everyone took the opportunity to leave because of the public holiday. The Queen’s Birthday… Related posts: Happy […]

3779 Allied graves at Bomana War Memorial in PNG

Spirit of the ANZACs

In memory of those who gave their lives to give us freedom – Lest we forget This is an article I wrote many years ago on Anzac Day – in fact, it was one of the first articles I ever had published as a journalist. Given that today, Australians and […]

Taken for granted

  Next time you turn on your tap or light, spare a thought for those who live in Australia’s harsh Outback.   It’s dark and you want the light on.  You flick the switch.  Hey presto – light.  Or – if it doesn’t switch on, you are a tad frustrated.  […]



The Great Tasmanian Cable Car Debate 4

Should Hobart allow a cable car up Mt Wellington? As a recent arrival to Tasmania (as opposed to a true, generational local), I am quite new to The Great Tasmanian Cable Car Debate – a debate that has been raging for 108 years! I kid you not. For more than a century, […]

Knickers for cats 2

Lannah Sawers-Diggins talks to Matilda de Bati about writing, kicking butt and designing underwear for cats…



Free love, forced adoptions and Mick Jagger… 2

Rebecca Byfield takes a look at Season 1 of Love Child, a brilliant new Australian about the unmarried mothers of Stanton House.