The corporate blog as part of the marketing ecosystem 1

Albert Palacci writes about the benefits of a corporate blog as part of the digital marketing strategy

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6 Simple Tips to Get the Attention of Major Blogs 1

Guest posting gives you recognition and improved authority, greater exposure for your blog, quality backlinks, and new opportunities for growth. And these are just few of the reasons why you need to guest blog . But what if you are not some big name… Related posts: Everybody’s doing it: 5 […]

5 Quick Tips to Help Keep Your Blog Secure 1

How safe is your blog from the dangers of hackers? Have you taken the steps necessary to at least make it difficult for them to gain access? Or is this something still etched in on your to-do list? It’s so easy to get so wrapped up in creating your niche… […]

Block ‘Em Out, They Are Spammers.

The joy of every blogger is to see his or her articles being commented on, that makes you know that you really have people reading your posts and are interested in what you’ve written. But not every comment you see is real, some are automatically generated… Related posts: 7 Best […]

Design Basics Every Blogger Should Know

How friendly a blog is to its readers has direct influence over the level of success it achieves. This includes fast page-load , valuable information , simple navigation, but also good web design with all essential elements and complete respect for its… Related posts: 5 Tips to Make Your Blog […]

7 Best Twitter Tools for Bloggers

Twitter is one of the top social media websites, and certainly a MUST for every serious blogger out there. Just in the first quarter of this year the network gained 14 million monthly active users. And the numbers continue to increase. Social media is… Related posts: Social Media Swap Meet […]

What makes your blog a great one?

One of the most important thing to your audience when it comes to having a website is your site being able to be interacted with as easy as possible. You don’t want your audience looking for everything around, but you want to put all you want them to… Related posts: […]

Is social media and social media marketing the same?

Social media and social media marketing is often used interchangeably. Most people can’t tell the difference. However, there is indeed a distinct difference between the two. What is ‘Social Media’? *Social media is interacting with people you know *It’s… Related posts: The beginner’s guide to social media: Twitter part 3 […]

The biggest book giveaway ever 30

Only 6 hours left to enter     If you love books (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?), then you absolutely must enter The Writers’ Shack’s BIGGEST BOOK GIVEAWAY EVER!   We have a stack of books to giveaway and only a few hours left before the competition closes. We’ve got best-sellers, […]

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5 steps to writing interviews 4

Check out these simple techniques for writing interviews that aren’t boring to read.