Women expatriates in the United Arab Emirates

Women expatriates in the United Arab Emirates – what is life like for a single female in Dubai?



Untold stories – a single Saudi woman

Ever wondered what young, Saudi women think of their lives? One of my favourite Saudi blogs, Under the Abaya talks to ‘N’ – a young, single Saudi woman on her views on marriage, education, raising children and the difficulties women in Saudi face. It’s an interesting read. Posted on May 19, […]

5 important things expats should know about working in Dubai

Dubai is the business center of the Middle-East, with a number of companies and expatriates moving into the city. The expats who are moving in should be well-versed with the etiquettes, the work environment and type of behavior that is expected in general out of any person who decides to […]


The charming ski town of Bansko - image by Elena Chochkova via Wikimedia Commons

Love thy neighbour

Getting to know the locals in Sofia   British and European expats have been flocking to Sofia for years now. Drawn by the sun, the snow, the history, and of course, the low cost of living (Bulgaria is the cheapest country in Europe), they can have a quality of life […]

8 year limit for Saudi expats

I read a news article this morning that talked about Saudi Arabia’s controversial Saudisation program. The Labour Ministry has announced plans to limit expatriate stays in the Kingdom to 8 years. Taking it one step further, the plan also aims to make it more difficult for expatriates to take their […]

Could these girls soon be selling lingerie?

Gold Star For Merry Christmas by nuttakit

The true meaning of Christmas 1

The true meaning of Christmas This year, I definitely struggled more than normal to find the Christmas spirit. Perhaps that’s because our December was busier than normal. We had my husband’s 40th birthday, my daughter’s 18th. We had a house-full of out-of-state guests to help celebrate those occasions. I think […]

The Dragging Spouse 2

The Dragging Spouse by Rebecca Byfield   I’m sure you’ve heard of a trailing spouse – you’re on a travel and expat site after all – but in case you haven’t, it’s a partner who leaves their careers and family behind to move to another city/country for their partner’s work. […]

The obligatory camel ride in Egypt


Dry Dubai – a good idea or bad?

Dry Dubai – a good idea or bad? by Rebecca Byfield   I recently read an article in Arabian Business that says Dubai hotels are choosing to become alcohol-free to cash in on the Islamic tourism markets.   In the report, Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry President and CEO Hamad […]

Through the looking glass in PNGs Highlands 2

Through the looking glass in PNG’s Highlands with Rebecca Byfield   Before I left to visit the Southern Highlands of PNG, I really had no idea  what to expect.  I’d heard that the Huli people were made up of many warlike tribes, constantly fighting each other for supremacy in the […]


My grandson making himself known before he even arrives.

Grounded by a grand baby

Grounded by a grand baby – by Rebecca Byfield   It’s no secret that my feet get itchy. My husband knows it, my kids know it, my family knows it, and my friends sure as hell know it. If I stay in the same place too long, I start to get […]