Oktoberfest Means More Than Beer

Beware the Law of Gravity by Mark H. Bloom with Jason Scholder   In honor of Oktoberfest — that most German of all festivals — I bring you the following true story. It reflects my personal preference for German beer. Contrary to popular belief, as is sometimes illustrated in these […]

Mark visits Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany

german chocolate pie [happy pi day]

Math. It’s never been my favorite (in fact, I’m pretty sure I suffer from math anxiety ). However, there is one mathematically-related holiday that has never disappointed me: pi day. (If you are a normal person who celebrates normal non-math-related-holidays,… Related posts: Happy 50th birthday Benihana So Benihana is 50 […]

A Passage from Italy 4

A Passage from Italy by Mark H. Bloom with Jason Scholder   They say getting there is half the fun. I say sometimes they don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. Once, many years ago, while traveling in Europe, I needed to get from southern Italy to Germany — […]

Mark arrives in Germany, wrinkled and smelly

The Wailing Wall

The Wailing Wall 4

The Wailing Wall By Mark H. Bloom with Jason Scholder I thought it would be bigger. I’m not talking about The Western Wall in Jerusalem — these days, Israel is far too dangerous a place for an American boy with a Jewish surname. I’m talking about a far safer place […]