A 56-Day Marathon: The Story Behind The Shiro Project

A 56-Day Marathon: The Story Behind The Shiro Project French author David Khara, a former journalist, top-level sportsman, and entrepreneur, is a full-time writer. Khara wrote his first novel—a vampire thriller—in 2010, before starting his Consortium thriller series, which offers a roller-coaster ride that dips into the history of World […]

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Book Review – Harm None by. M. R. Sellars

By Mark Combs Title: Harm None Author: M. R. Sellars Genre: Thriller Series or Standalone: The Rowan Gant Investigations – Book 1 Blurb THE WITCH AND THE DEAD… They say dead men tell no tales. I really wish that was true, because the dead tell me more than I ever […]

Bleiberg goes print

Le French Book to launch print version of The Bleiberg Project – July 15 Early last year, we interviewed David Khara, author of the best-selling novel, The Bleiberg Project, by Le French Book. Well, David and his publishing company have been busy since we last spoke to them. Not only did The Bleiberg […]



Book Review: Silent Screams by C. E. Lawrence

By Mark Combs Title: Silent Screams Author: C. E. Lawrence Genre: Thriller Series or Standalone: Book 1 of 3 in the Lee Campbell-profiler Series Blurb A Deranged Killer’s Twisted Urges –In the streets of New York City, the Slasher chooses his victim–and makes his move. As he wraps his fingers […]

Book Review: The Great Game by D. R. Bell

By Mark Combs Title: The Great Game Author: D. R. Bell Genre: Thriller Series or Standalone: Standalone Blurb After years of patient preparation, a block of countries led by China and Russia stages an overnight financial coup to unseat the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency.  Fortunes are made […]



Book Review: Agency Rules – Never an Easy Day at the Office by Khalid Muhammad 2

By Mark Combs Title: Agency Rules – Never an Easy Day at the Office Author: Khalid Muhammad Genre: Thriller Series or Standalone: First book in series Blurb Celebrated as a ragtag force that defeated and broke the Soviet Union, no one predicted the Mujahideen would bring with them a plague […]

Book Review: Soundkeeper by Michael Hervey

By Mark Combs Title: Soundkeeper Author: Michael Hervey Genre: Thriller Series or Standalone: Series (Book 1 in the Hall McCormick series) Blurb What started out as an ordinary day for Soundkeeper Gale Pickens takes a dreadful turn when she stops a barge that is polluting the pristine waters off the […]


Heart Chants

Immerse yourself in Navajo culture

By: Mark Combs   Title: Heart Chants Author: Randy Attwood Genre: Mystery Series or Standalone: Series (Phillip McGuire Mysteries #2)     BLURB Burnt-out former foreign correspondent Phillip McGuire is happy owning and running a bar in Lawrence, Kansas. He’s happy with his new house in the country. But he’s not […]

Embracing my hidden greenie in The Greenland Breach

Title: The Greenland Breach Author: Bernard Besson (translated by Julie Rose) Genre: thriller, political, international espionage Standalone or series: I believe this is standalone but I could be wrong (I hope there is more to come) Publisher: Le French Book   Blurb:  A cracking ice cap, rival multinationals, cutthroat espionage… […]



Book Review: The Lonely Mile by Allan Leverone

by Mark Combs Title: The Lonely Mile Author: Allan Leverone Genre: Thriller Series or Standalone: Standalone   BLURB When struggling hardware store owner Bill Ferguson witnesses a kidnapping in progress, he reacts instinctively, breaking up the crime and saving a young girl. But the kidnapper, a sociopath known as the […]