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The corporate blog as part of the marketing ecosystem

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A corporate blog on the company website is an excellent starting point for your company online presence. The most important thing to understand, when you start a corporate blog, is that you should not treat it as an isolated channel.

Before you start your blog you should understand that there are differences between blogs. Private bloggers usually have other objectives than someone whose only goal is to earn money from blogging. Corporate blogging, however, is a completely different category of its own.

Your goal should be to understand that a corporate blog should be a part of your marketing ecosystem and it should be coordinated with all of your other marketing campaigns and even PR campaigns. The purpose might not be driven towards advertising for an individual product but the company as a whole and your brand name.

Blogging or corporate blogging is a form of marketing that is still relatively new among the higher floors of management. The main problem that they had is the concept behind  blogs and the goal that will be achieved with it.

Most of the old school marketing executives do not see actual benefits from high quality and targeted blog posts. In most countries, blogging is still not on the levels it should be as a form of marketing and media to represent actual events, products etc. Often most of the companies give rights to a trainee or representative to set up a blog but without any actual specifications and goals. That’s because supervisors and managers doubt the usefulness of digital forms of communications and their ability to control it.

However, identifying targets without any indicators means the success of the blog cannot be measured.


Objectives can only be achieved if you set the rights ones


If you do not reach your goals and objectives, a corporate blog could be a waste of money. Setting objectives requires strategic thinking, research and meeting with the decision makers. Everything you need to achieve, like objectives, implementation and reporting, can be done by interns, employees or an outside agency. It is important that the objectives supports the strategy of a corporate blog, and you should always consider the value of the blog when you start creating it. And by value, you must consider not only the technical stuff but the value for the readers. These user are your potential customers or even employees. Managing your blog is also a good way to have internal communication with your team.

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Desired goals

  • More traffic means more visibility in organic search
  • Corporate identity brand building: credibility through representation of own expertise, building trust and authority and also reliability
  • Customer communication about your company through the comment section
  • Strengthening customer relationship through long term marketing
  • Clever marketing budget. Compared to traditional forms of advertising such as press releases, radio and television, blog posts can exist and be accessed again and again
  • Interesting and informative posts attract potential customers. Combining this with a corporate newsletter sign up form allows you to gather valuable databases for future clients and readers, and gives you the opportunity to engage with them in a more personal way


The actual work


Once you set all of your goals and objectives then your actual work will start. This includes the technical stuff like implementation and maintenance, building and running and editorial plan, distribution of the content and the way you will respond to the feedback. KPIs should be tracked and analysed in reasonable time intervals. That way you can monitor and actually see the results of your efforts and how profitable and useful your blog is to the company. Don’t expect fast results. Corporate blogging is a long term goal just like SEO. The benefits will become apparent when the number of visitors starts getting higher, your shares and mentions start to gain more popularity, and you have engaging content that brings conversation among readers through comments etc.

A corporate blog is not driven by its regular publishing, but by its readers. And we are not talking about random users who just ran to your blog. We are talking about target users who are actually interested about your business and services or your niche. The most valuable readers will be your subscribers who will expect to receive regular interesting information from your blog. Take note of the people who start conversations in the comment section. These are the users you should aim to land on your blog. You don’t want irrelevant readers, bots or so called trolls that will only spam your comment section with nonsense. You also don’t want people that will continually post negative things about your business.


It is important to look at your corporate blog not as an isolated channel. You should consider it as a part of your marketing campaign and strategy. It should support other areas such as sales, services and public relations. One of the best benefits is when a user types your company name he will have the chance to find your blog, read about your company. In that way he will have a more complete idea about your brand and your services which leads to potential customers.

In general you should also aim to combine your marketing activities online and offline together or at least coordinate them so that your messages do not contradict each other.

Make sure your language, style and appearance are consistent. This is especially important for companies that have separate departments or agencies distributing press releases, newsletter and other external communications. You want the designs and styles to compliment and communicate with each other, making the best use of the different digital channels. Remember, the image and overall picture of your company is the most important thing.

Reputation management will have a very special role for businesses and brands, and managing and maintaining a corporate blog can have a big influence for your company image.



Albert Palacci is the contributor of his personal blog – He is a passionate about digital marketing. He also regularly writes for other blogs on topics about marketing. You can find more about him or follow him on his Google+ profile.



Images by Stuart Miles and Suwit Ritjaroon at Free Digital Photos.

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  • Riley Banks

    Really interesting post, and very timely for me. I’m in the process of setting up a corporate blog at work but know it will require very different strategies than this blog does. Would be really interested to hear from anyone who has had experience starting up a corporate blog – particularly the pros and cons.