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Michele Kunz is left disappointed by the CGI effects in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.


As anyone who follows me knows, I am a huge fan of anything Sci-fi/ Action or Fantasy related. Whether movie, television or literary work, this is my favorite type of entertainment! So why do I say “Not So Amazing” about The Amazing Spider-Man 2?


Because the special effects were terrible. To put it simply, CGI ruined the movie! The sequel, unlike the original had a cartoon-like guise and an overall juvenile quality. The CGI took away from the integrity of the movie, so much so that I felt like I was watching Saturday morning cartoons. As I sat in the theater I couldn’t help think about another movie, “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” which purposely combined live actors with animation. The opening scene in Spider-Man is reminiscent of Roger Rabbit bouncing off every corner of the screen. This coupled with slapstick humor highlights the cartoon graphics.  Awesome concept for Roger Rabbit, not so for Spider-Man! So where did Marvel go wrong?


The movie itself is a fun adaptation of The Spider-Man comics. Not to take anything away from the actors; they themselves did a great job! Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone (real age excluded) actually look the age they are portraying and played their perspective roles well and Jamie Foxx is a formidable super villain. The story line is over-the-top, which has come to be expected from Marvel (and let’s face it, this is the reason audiences are drawn to this type of movie). The Amazing Spider-Man 2 could have been a blockbuster movie had it not been for the graphics. The visual effects are weak and made watching the movie amount to little more than bad press!


If it is so evident to the naked eye then I find it necessary to question why the producers and directors were not aware of the overall quality of this particular movie? In the realm of make-believe, it is our eyes that allow us to believe. Therefore, when a franchise turns to cartoon graphics, they risk losing their adult audience. In my opinion this movie should have been earmarked for children and promoted in a matinée time slot.


I have never written a negative review against Marvel or their franchise – after all, this is my genre! I have seen them all: Iron Man, Thor and the New Captain America (which ranks in the Top 5 for me). This review is not about the storyline or the actors. This is about Hollywood and examining the direction filming and adaptation are going in. Producers need to find a balance between live action and CGI, before they ruin an exciting and entertaining trend in movies…


What do you think? Were you as disappointed by the movie as I was?



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Michele Kunz

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Michele Kunz is an author, blogger, and artist. She is a fiction writer whose stories appeal to young adults as well as anyone looking for a new adventure in reading. Her books include Guardian of the Stone, The Deliverer and On the Breath of Dawn. She was credited in 2002 for a donated work, Who I Am. Michele lives with her husband and children in New York. If you would like to get in touch with Michele, you can do so through LinkedIn, Twitter and on her blog site

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3 thoughts on “The Not So Amazing Spider-Man 2

  • Nicole

    I was a little disappointed by this movie. I really enjoyed the first one but found this
    one to be too cartoonish. I feel it took a lot away from the movie being that I was so
    distracted by the over the top special effects. I hope for the next movie they realize
    it doesn’t appeal to everyone and make a change.