The splendour and magic of India

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Tips for Tourists Visiting India


The Sub continental India is a place of splendor and magic. It is where the majestic Taj Mahal sits and the colorful world of Bollywood exists. However, one could not make the most out of India without knowing even a bit of it. As such, here are some tips that could be used to experience the country at its fullest.

Determine the Importance of Timing
The country has a rather complicated climate. The northern regions of India has a temperate climate while the southern regions is subtropical. In general, the country experiences four distinct seasons: Winter (from December to February), summer (from March to May), Monsoon or Rainy (from June to September), and Post-Monsoon (from October to November).

With this, to make sure that you are visiting the country at the right time, keep these points in mind:

1. The mountainous regions of India such as the Uttarakhand and the Greater Himalayas are perfect during the Summer and the Post-Monsoon. Chances are, the plants in these areas are in full bloom and the weather is fair enough for a little stroll.

2. Cities and urban regions such as New Delhi and Bombay are less hot during the winter and the Monsoon periods. The mild atmosphere during these times is ideal for sedentary activities such as shopping and food tripping.

3. The arid and the semi-arid regions such as Thirunelveli and Tamil Nadu is too hot during summer and too cold during winter. It is ideal to visit these places during the Post-monsoon, when the weather is neither hot nor cold.

4. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office of United Kingdom advise postponing any intention to travel during calamities. Certain areas such as Manipur, Kashmir, Sonamarg, and Phalgam are prone to flashflood during these unfortunate times.

Get the Most Out of Everything
The country is immense and diverse. Make the most out of it by adding any of these things to your itinerary:

  • Shopping spree at the hawkers and thrift stores of New Delhi and Bombay.
  • Mountain climbing, mountaineering, or trekking at Northern Himalayan Regions or the Mountain Ranges at the border of Nepal and India.
  • Visit Madurai, one of the oldest cities in South Asia. It is known for its ancient ruins and temple complexes.
  • Take a stroll at any of the beaches in Goa. The view of the Indian Ocean from the coastline is arguably splendid.
  • Try camel trekking at the Great Indian Dessert.
  • Visit the holy city of Amritsar in the province of Punjab.
  • Visit temples in Calcutta and ancient ruins along the Ganges River.

Think and Act Smart
Planning and critical thinking is also an essential when traveling to India. Wade yourself away from trouble by remembering these tips:

  • Travel light. India is a relatively hot country. It would be uncomfortable to roam around it with baggy clothing or baggage.
  • Consider your health. The country is not yet free from detrimental diseases such as rabies, leptospirosis, and cholera. Get or fix your health insurance before traveling.
  • Be picky with food. India is well-known for its street foods. However, some of them could be a potent source of diarrhea. Before buying and eating anything, may sure that the hawker has a permit or clearance from the health department.
  • Organize your trip well. Keep your itinerary clean and organized. If you need to, seek the assistance of a booking or travel company.
  • Prepare the documentary requirements. Secure your passport. Get your visa from any of the Consulate Offices of India.

India is a book of adventures. An Indian visa is the key towards experiencing the stories that are written on it. Move forward and experience the splendor.

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